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Mobile Grooming

Imagine this scenario:  You’re sitting at home, your doorbell rings, a professional groomer greets you, they escort your pet(s) to their grooming van and then you go on about your day.  A few hours later, your doorbell rings again and your pet(s) have returned, freshly bathed, trimmed and looking FINE!  You have a freshly groomed pet and you didn’t even have to drive to the salon!  That’s Mobile Grooming in a nutshell!

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What is Mobile Grooming?

Mobile grooming is a popular and convenient pet grooming service that, in essence, brings the grooming salon to you, rather you having to go to the salon.  We come to your location, with a grooming van.  A specialized vehicle, outfitted with all the equipment, products and facilities needed to groom your pets.  (Take a look at the inside of it here).   We then bring your pets to the van, we bathe them and style them based on your preferences or the pet’s needs.  Once they’re finished, we walk them right back to your doorstep.  And that’s it!  You have a professionally groomed pet without ever having to leave your front door!


Reliable and knowledgeable! Mobile grooming option so convenient! Highly recommended

Angela G.

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