What is Mobile Grooming?

Mobile grooming is a popular and convenient pet grooming service that, in essence, brings the grooming salon to you, rather you having to go to the salon. We come to your location, with a grooming van. A specialized vehicle, outfitted with all the equipment, products and facilities needed to groom your pets. (Take a look at the inside of it here). We then bring your pets to the van, we bathe them and style them based on your preferences or the pet’s needs. Once they’re finished, we walk them right back to your doorstep. And that’s it! You have a professionally groomed pet without ever having to leave your front door!

What are the benefits of Mobile Grooming?

There are many. But the main benefits are that it’s more convenient for you, its less stressful for your pet, they receive individual attention and avoid potential hazards.

  • Convenience: You don’t have to drive to the salon to drop off your pet, then back home, then back to the salon to pick up your pet and then back home again. That equals 4 trips!
  • Less stress for your pet: No trip to the salon means no changes to their environment or another a “scary” car ride. “Scary” because a car trip is usually reserved only for a visit to the groomer or the Vet.
  • Individual Attention: Your pet doesn’t have to spend hours in a crate or kennel waiting to be groomed. Instead, they can be groomed from start to finish with little or no interruptions.
  • Avoid potential hazards: No contact with other animals means possible exposure to communicable diseases (ex. kennel cough) is greatly reduced. Also there’s no contact with potentially aggressive dogs.

These benefits are definitely important if your dog is old, gets anxious very easily, has a medical condition or has never been groomed before (Puppy’s First Groom!).

What do you need from me to perform your services?

The only thing I need from you is a place to park my van. Ideally, in front of your home. So you may wish to check with your complex or HOA about their policy with commercial vehicles. Otherwise, we’re happy to park in a guest space or area that’s near your home. We are also happy to meet you halfway, especially if it is difficult to navigate your neighborhood or if you are outside our Service Area.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all forms of payments: cash, check or credit card. *For security reasons we do not carry change.

Do you also groom cats?

Nope. Sorry, I’m allergic.

How long does a service usually take?

Depends. Some services can be completed very quickly, others take a little more time. Some dogs are very well behaved, others require a little more assistance and help. Either way, we ask that you provide us with at least a couple of hours. Especially if your pet is receiving a Bath or Bath With a Haircut. Please keep in mind, that you do not need to be present throughout the whole groom (see below).

I just need my dog’s nails trimmed, is that ok?

Sure! We do offer Nail Trimming as an individual service for a flat fee of $15 per dog. Check out our Services page for more details.

Can I watch my dog being groomed?

No. Due to insurance and liability issues, we cannot allow customers in the van. Additionally, having pet parents present during the grooming process, we find, can create problems. If the dog sees you they can become frustrated and anxious because they see you, but can’t get to you. They may also become excited and hyper simply because they CAN see you. Regardless, it can present a problem, especially when working with scissors or clippers. So for safety reasons, we ask that you remain outside the van or in the home during the grooming process.

My dog is really old and has some medical conditions. Can you still groom them?

We do require that your pet be able to stand for select periods of time during the groom. Also, certain medical conditions (ex. seizures) may require the approval of a vet. Which we may need to receive, in writing, before we are able to proceed. We also reserve the right to STOP the grooming process at any time. Especially if it’s apparent it’s negatively affecting their health. However, you will still be responsible for travel expenses.

You may want to consider our Wash N’ Go Bath service as an alternative. This is a discounted service, where we simply bathe and towel dry your dog. No blow drying, haircut, brushing, or nail trimming. This is a simple in and out service for dogs who lack mobility, are injured or at the end of their life. The speed and the minimum intrusiveness to the dog greatly reduces the stress and strain on the body. While helping them maintain some form of personal hygiene. Feel free to Contact Us for more details.

What if my dog bites?

We reserve the right to use muzzles, e-collars and restraints during the grooming process at any time. This is not only for the safety of the groomer but the dog as well. It’s in our experience that if used correctly, these pieces of equipment can help complete the groom safely with very little stress on the dog. However, if we deem the dog too aggressive we also reserve the right to STOP the groom at any point. You will NOT have to pay for the full groom, but will still be responsible for the travel fee.

I’m busy and I work a lot. Do I need to stay for the entire groom? Do I even have to be home at all?

Absolutely not! We do offer a “LatchKey” program that allows us to come into your home and groom your dog even when you are not there. Arrangements WILL need to be made before this can be done, including deciding how we will gain entry into the home, how will we receive payment, etc. We have done this for many customers and they all agree it certainly makes it more convenient. No need to have to rearrange their schedules or wait around the house while their dogs are being groomed. You are also welcome to greet us when we first arrive and then if you need to head out before we are done, that’s fine too.

I live just outside of Colorado Springs, are you still able to come to my house?

While we do work in the general Colorado Springs area, there are some communities outside of the city that we still service. Check out our Service Area page to see our listing of locations and neighborhoods we travel to, in order to find out if we are able to come to your home. *PLEASE KNOW If you find that we are not in your service area, we can make arrangements to meet you halfway. In such instances, we can meet you, for example, in a parking lot at a shopping center or a park.